When you have invested in a high quality garden, you need to maintain your investment through impeccable landscape care. GBD Industries has the expertise, attention to detail and qualifications to ensure your lawn remains pristine and weed free, and your garden looks superb year round.

Our qualified horticulturalists will nurture and maintain your gardens, delivering exceptional results within an affordable budget.


When you have a private acreage retreat, the last thing you want is to waste hours mowing the lawn on a weekend.

GBD Industries takes care of all your acreage lawn maintenance needs. We help you reclaim your weekend through programmed acreage mowing, and broad acre mowing services and slashing services.

You can trust us to mow and maintain your property throughout the year, keeping your property looking great, while also reducing fire and snake risks near your home.

We also offer All Terrain Slashing for gradients up to 45°, as well as weed control and eradication, which means all areas of your property can be maintained and enhanced at an affordable rate.

Talk with us about our annual acreage mowing plan today.