The Boxer 320 is a great little unit that provides the highest level of traction, comfort and visibility available from any type of mini digger machine.
It uses familiar skid-steer style controls on heavy-duty rubber tracks. Its accurate and nimble traction creates minimal surface scarring unlike other machine types, while it’s stand-on platform makes it easy and comfortable to manoeuvre.

Perfect for tight spaces, the machine is only 900mm in width and has a length of only 2210mm (including the bucket).

Optional attachments - mulch bucket, 4 in 1 buckets, and posthole bore with 200mm 300mm 350mm 450mm augers, 150mm trencher and levelling bar


Equipment 4 Hours Full Day Weekend Operator
Boxer 320 $150 $200 $300 $264*
Mulch Bucket $30 $30 $50
4 in 1 Bucket $45 $45 $65
Posthole Borer $45 $45 $65
Trencher $65 $65 $85
Leveling Bar $30 $30 $50

Delivery and pick up one fee $80

All prices inc gst

* Min 2 hrs plus travel - $80ph, includes machine hire

Call us for mini combo price